Located in the Heart of Sydney CBD. Works Perfect service & repairs damaged lenses for Canon, Sony , Panasonic, Sigma, Tokina & Pentax.

We provide the very best service in repairing your camera lenses and we take pride in providing a professional, trustworthy, affordable, and friendly service.

We back up our work by providing a 12 month warranty on all of our repairs

Our warranty does not cover damage due to any type of impact damage, liquid damage, sand, dirt or foreign objects found inside the repaired device.  

Deal direct with the technician, for all the right advise, call us for more information or for a rough estimate


For more information call us on

02 9264 0004 or 0410 740 004

or email us at service@worksperfect.com.au

Common repairs we do -

  • Canon Lens Power Diaphram Unit (PDU) Replacement Err1, Err99, Communication Error

  • Sony GM lenses & Canon L series fixed barrel assembly replacements (broken rear mount come off)

  • lens mount replacements, fixed barrel replacements (lens snapped apart)

  • lens calibration

  • Jammed, damaged UV Filter Removal

  • Replace damaged Rear Lens mounts

  • auto focus and manual focus repairs

  • Realignment of optics bring image back into focus, images more sharper

  • Focusing, hunting issue repairs

  • Fungus, mildew, mold removal from lens optics

  • PDU Flex (Power Diaphragm Unit) replacements and repairs for Canon Lens Communication Error 1 issues

  • Lens Auto Focus Hunting (locking on) repairs

  • Tight zooming and focusing repairs

  • Focus motor repairs and replacements

  • Barrel replacements

  • Loose grip replacement

  • Optical cleaning and replacement

  • Iris repairs and replacements

  • Main PCB repairs and replacement

  • All Mechanical and Electronic repairs


$50.00 Plus GST Camera Lenses Digital

If the quote for the repair is accepted and the item is given the go ahead to be repair then the $50.00 quotation charge is no longer applicable.


Hourly Rate
Between $100.00 to $180.00 plus GST (Between $25.00 to $45.00 per 15 minutes)

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Send us an email with what service you require and we will respond with 24 hours

All repairs come with a 1 year warranty.