How do I Convert VHS to DVD 2019

There are a few ways to convert your VHS tapes to DVD and the most common and easiest way is to get a VHS tape player and a DVD recorder, Sony and Panasonic generally sell the best equipment to get the job done. If you where to convert your video tapes yourself that would be our suggestion on how to go about doing it. Best place to find these equipment would be on eBay. Also for tutorials to learn how to connect up your video tape player to your DVD recorder would be to watch YouTube tutorials. I would recommend this process rather than using a USB VHS to DVD Converter Capture Card Adapter. Most stand alone units capture video tape footage and record it to a DVD or Blu-ray disc at a higher rate producing better quality in analogue to digital transfer.

The other option and best way to convert VHS to DVD would be to get Works Perfect to do the job for you saving time, effort, disappointment and in some case money. Our service ensures that your video tapes are digitized at the highest quality possible at a competitive price within a fast turnaround time.